Rent-to-Own Can I cancel my agreement to rent to own a car?


The idea of obtaining a reliable set of wheels can be incredibly exciting. After constant headaches and disappointment met with applying for vehicles coupled with a bad credit score – you have finally found an affordable vehicle finance solution. However, you've taken the time to sort out your finances and become free of your "blacklisted" status. Maybe, you've come to realise that you don't need a vehicle at this point and would rather put your finances into bettering your financial situation. You will find yourself asking "Can I cancel my agreement to rent to own a car?"

When it comes to utilising our rent to own car services, it is important to consider that this is a commitment towards obtaining your new set of wheels. We have helped many of our clients achieve this goal, but many have stopped renting before the agreed end date. While it is indeed a sad moment to see one of our loyal clients leave, we know that their best interests are at heart and we wholeheartedly support them!

When it comes to Cancelling your agreement to rent to own a car, car finance does not turn its back on its loyal client base. If the correct cancellation of rental contract notice is given, you may cancel your agreement with us at any time, without being charged penalties. This means that if something were to go wrong or your financial situation has improved, we can accommodate your needs and allow you to spread your wings. Always ensure to read over and discuss the terms of cancellation before receiving your car. This allows us to draw up a plan suitable for you and avoid any potential hiccups down the line. It's incredibly simple; you look after us, we look after you!

If you are currently in the market for a reliable rent to own vehicle solution; head on over to our site and fill out the application form. If you are a pre-existing client at car finance and are currently in the process of wanting to cancel your agreement to rent to own a car, contact us today.