Sell-By-Drive Loan on car and still drive it


A common problem facing modern consumers who have struggled with financial matters before is a less-than-ideal credit score. Unfortunately, most lenders cannot approve your loan request if you do not qualify or meet their standard requirements. Is this an issue you are facing? As long as you are the legal owner of your own paid-off vehicle, we can offer you the solution where you take a loan on your car and still drive it.

We are all feeling the strain of rising costs, and many times the opportunity to access a loan is a game changer when we are facing a difficult time. Blacklisted individuals or those with poor credit scores can benefit from being able to take a loan on a car and still drive it. What this means is that you will be placing your vehicle up as collateral, giving us the assurance that you will honour your loan repayments, because not doing so will most likely result in losing ownership of your car. If you are confident in your affordability and budget properly, there is no need to think twice.

With a combined service by Car-Finance and Acceptable Auto, we are able to extend this loan option to residents of Gauteng. Do you have doubts? Rest assured that our service is done with your best intentions at the core. Get a loan on your car and still drive it, knowing that the process is approved by the SA Police Services and the National Credit Regular. We want you to access the money you need without difficulty. Once you’re approved for the loan, you get cash in your account instantly and our team fits a tracking device in your car, becoming its registered title holder for the duration of your contract for repayment.

Nothing changes in terms of access to your vehicle, and you keep driving it while still getting the loan you need from us. This type of loan will not require any credit checks, so anyone who owns a vehicle and has a driver’s license and ID can apply, as long as they reside in Gauteng. Now that you know you can take a loan on a car and still drive it, let us help you apply for a loan you can comfortably afford.

Life is not always easy, and accessing a loan can come with its own challenges when you are blacklisted. We have a solution for you to take a loan on your car and still drive it! Get in touch with Car-Finance to start the application process.