Rent-to-own Options

Your dreams of owning a car don’t have to come to a halt because of your financial constraints. More and more South African’s are taking advantage of rent-to-own vehicle schemes that are reliable and uncomplicated, such as the service offered to you by Car Finance. Our professional team offer a reputable rent-to-own car service where you can get behind the wheel of a car that will eventually be your own, as long as you are committed to making your monthly payments on time each month.

To keep up with the consistent pace of our modern world, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a car that you can call your own. Public transport is not always reliable and oftentimes, your job or lifestyle make it difficult to get by without your own vehicle. Unfortunately,steep deposits and high upfront payment fees stop middle class consumers from being able to afford their own car by purchasing it in the traditional way. We have a wide range of well-maintained and fully insured vehicles for you to choose from, while roadside assistance and vehicle tracking are covered in your payments every month.

Rent-to-own is a straightforward method of acquiring the car you need, and to qualify is much easier than getting approval for financing from a bank or accredited financial institution. At Car Finance, we only requireyou to have a valid driver’s license and be able to produce at least 3 months bank statements, as well as your latest payslip and a proof of address. Rent-to-own is a vehicle finance plan that allows you to eventually own your own vehicle, even if you are blacklisted or presenta poor credit score. For traditional car purchases, it is first necessary to acquire financing, which is especially difficult for young adults with no credit score, as well as challenging for those with compromised credit scores.

There is more flexibility when you rent-to-own your vehicle, from the payment terms to the contractual commitment – if you’ve only rented your car with us for a short time and can no longer afford to make the payments, you stop paying and do not risk worsening your credit score. Of course, in return for your late or missed payment/s, we will take back ownership of the car. If you do manage to maintain the agreed to payments towards your car without coming up short or running late, you will be given the chance to purchase the vehicle by paying one final fee, which we will disclose with you as you consider the rent-to-own agreement.

At Car Finance, we have worked with individuals facing various circumstances and financial restrictions, helping them to own their vehicles through fair deals that consider their affordability and requirements. All our terms and fees are shared with you upfront in full transparency, to ensure that you know exactly what is required of you on the road to vehicle ownership.