Pawn Your Car in Gauteng

Accessing money when you’re in a tight spot is easier than you thought, with the help of our professional Car Finance team and the pros at Acceptable Auto. We know that times are tough and as a consumer, you may need to sell your car and keep driving it, in order to afford life’s necessary expenses.

If you have a car that is paid off in full and registered in your name (car ownership papers need to be shown), then you’re off to a good start and can begin applying for the loan you need on our website. We only have a few requirements in place, in order to grant this loan to you as you pawn your vehicle. It is our goal to make this as straightforward a process as possible, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have.

Don’t let a series of high costs or a lack of money for something important hold you back. Pawn your vehicle and keep driving it like nothing has changed. Our team can assist you in accessing cash without the hassle of credit checks and regardless of your lack of credit worthiness, which would limit you anywhere else. Your car will be placed as the moveable asset against the loan you are granted, and you can expect an instant EFT to reflect in your account once we approve you for the loan you request.

Your car remains in your possession when you pawn your vehicle to get the loan you need. You will only have to turn your car over to us if you cannot keep to your end of the repayment agreement you’ve entered into with our team. This is why we advise our clients to think carefully about their budgets and how much they can manage to repay, so that the loan does not cause additional strain on their finances.

The option to pawn your vehicle is one that we at Car Finance and Acceptable Auto offer to Gauteng based individuals. Unlike the conventional approach of accessing a bank loan, which takes time, requires clear credit checks and involves high interest rates, you can access a loan by pawning the car you drive, where you will be placing your vehicle as assurance. This route of acquiring a secure finance loan is one that works well for consumers who are blacklisted – if you are, you’ll know full well that most lenders will not be able to help you.

Alternative solutions to getting the finances you need are finally here, and our services are fully legal and registered with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator (NCR) and the South African Police Services (SAPS), so you can proceed with peace of mind. Pawn your vehicle and get instant cash in Gauteng when you need it the most!