Rent to Own

For consumers with bad credit or no credit history, getting into South Africa’s bustling car-buying market the traditional way can prove to be almost impossible. To qualify for vehicle finance or a loan, mandatory credit checks will apply and could indicate that you do not qualify for financial assistance – this is where the trusted team at Car Finance step in and can help you with a trusted rent-to-own option. Take the exciting first steps of becoming the owner of your own car today! Struggling to get vehicle finance just means taking a different approach to attaining your vehicle, with the same goal in mind!

If your budget currently allows you to take on the additional monthly payment of a car, but you are struggling to get vehicle finance, we have a solution tailor-madefor you, which will get you behind the wheel in no time! This option means no credit checks, while individuals under debt review, administration or sequestration can also apply – it is in your hands to consider your monthly affordability and choose to make this leap, with the assistance of our team at Car Finance. While we do assist clients in applying for vehicle finance by way of a personal loan (where repayment to the supplier of the vehicle is an option) we also provide a professional and transparent rent-to-own solution, should this application be declined.

Vehicle finance issues are now a thing of the past and not the end of your journey to finding and owning your dream vehicle! When renting-to-own, you’ll pay back a fixed monthly payment which also covers insurance and a tracking device, over a period of 60 months or less. You will also need to pay a R3500 finder’s fee upfront, which includes registration and administration costs. Please be advised that you also do need to have a deposit available on the day that you go to sign the contract to obtain your new vehicle. Your deposit can be anything from R15000 and up, depending on the vehicle that you require. Once you have successfully made all your monthly car payments and reach the end of the agreed payment period, you can purchase the vehicle by paying one additional instalment. It is important to note that in the event that you default on any payments or make late payments, that the car can be repossessed, and you will lose all the money you have already paid towards it – please carefully consider your budget and/or any restraints and allow the Car Finance team to advise you on suitable car options, based on what you earn and can spend every month.

To find out if you qualify for our rent-to-own scheme, please send us the following documentation. When we’ve received these documents, we will also generate a list of vehicles that you qualify for. If you are applying with your spouse, please send documentation for both parties (husband and wife), so that a joint application can be done:

  • - Latest proof of address (not older then 30 days)
  • - Copy of ID (If you have an ID card, please send the front and the back)
  • - Copy of Valid driver's license (front and back)
  • - 3 months bank statements (internet/stamped)
  • - Your 3 latest payslips

Our Rent-to-own vehicle opportunity are ideal for committed individuals who would eventually like to own their own car. Struggling with vehicle finance does not mean you cannot eventually own your own vehicle. You have plenty of new and second-hand vehicle options to choose from and just like with any car purchase, you will be given a breakdown of the car which includes mileage, all the necessary papers/paperwork and a road worthy certificate. You can also test drive the vehicle beforehand! Please contact us today to get started!