Sell-By-Drive Frequently Asked Questions


1) What does Sell by Drive mean?
If you cannot access a loan due to a poor credit score, Sell by Drive is a great option to get money paid into your account. As long as you have a paid up vehicle that is in your name, you can place the car as collateral. This is done similarly to a secure loan.
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2) Do I remain the car owner and title owner?
When your Sell by Drive loan is approved, the vehicle remains in your name, however Car-Finance and Auto Acceptable will become the registered title holder of the vehicle. Once you’ve paid back your loan, your name will be listed as the registered title holder again.
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3) Do I get to keep driving my car?
You can drive your car in the same way you have always done. In the event that you default on our contractual agreement, you risk losing your car. It is important that you make sure you can honour the repayment agreement, so that your car remains yours.

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4) Do I qualify for Sell by Drive with Car-Finance and Acceptable Auto?
This service is only available to clients based in Gauteng. Qualifying factors are as follows:
- The vehicle must be fully paid up
- The vehicle must be registered in your name (owner and title)
- You must present us with the ownership papers (RC1)
- You must present us with your valid Driver’s Licence and ID
- You will need to supply a recent proof of address, 1 months bank statement and your latest payslip
- If possible, you will need to supply spare keys and the service book of your vehicle

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5) What is included in the Sell by Drive deal?
Once you are approved, the money will be instantly transferred into your account (this usually takes about 24 hours). We handle the vehicle registration, and will fit a tracking device into the vehicle, which stays until your loan period is over.

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6) Is Sell by Drive legal?
Yes, our Sell by Drive service is legal and registered with the South African Police Department (SAPS) and the National Credit Act (NCA).

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7) Do you do a credit check when I apply for a Sell by Drive Loan?
We do not do any credit checks, as your payment history and credit score are not relevant for this type of loan.

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8) What happens when I am done paying off my Sell By Drive loan?
Once the loan period is over and you’ve successfully repaid the loan through monthly repayments, your vehicle is transferred back into your name, the tracker is removed, and our business is concluded.

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