Sell by Drive

Sell your Vehicle and Keep driving it!

For consumers who need money urgently and can’t manage the approach of a traditional short or long term loan application, Car Finance can help you out. We give Gauteng based consumers the chance to access a loan quickly, by putting their vehicle up as assurance. You can sell your car and drive it, and still get money paid into your account within 24 hours.

Through Acceptable Auto and Car Finance, you are able to fund the necessary and unplanned expenses that happen while you’re living day to day. There is no telling what tomorrow holds, and even with careful planning and savings in place for a rainy day, sometimes things happen that can dramatically affect your finances. If your car is paid off and registered in your name and you have a steady income, we can help you access a loan which does not depend on your credit worthiness. You can keep your car and carry on driving it! You will only have to turn it over to us if there is a breach in your contract and you do not make the payments you are meant to.

You can sell your car and drive it, while still using it as the moveable asset that will help you to secure a loan, which is especially useful to blacklisted individuals, or those with bad credit. If you do not have a good credit score as a South African citizen, you’ll find it more challenging to access a loan. This is because most credit providers will first do a credit check and look into your financial history. You credit report indicates your dependability, and when you’ve previously failed to honour your credit agreements, you will need to seek our secure finance loans, where your assets (in this case, your car) will be put up as collateral.

One of the main qualifying factors is that you must reside in Gauteng. Sell your car and still drive it without assistance, and also enjoy money in your bank account to help you through financial hardships or a month that is just too long. Once the deal goes through, we will instantly transfer the payment to you via EFT. We will also handle the vehicle registration, as well as the fitting of a tracking device. Our repayment agreements are flexible according to your affordability, and you will be responsible for a monthly service charge until you can repurchase your vehicle from us.

Get the loan you need in your account by tomorrow, and sell your car as you drive it! Our services are transparent, legal and registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and the South African Police Services (SAPS). Begin by filling in our online application form, and rest assured that you’re one step closer to accessing the money you need.


  • - Car needs to be Fully Paid Up
  • - Registered in your name (both owner and title)
  • - RC1 (car ownership papers)
  • - ID and valid driver’s license
  • - Proof of address (not older than 30 days)
  • - Spare key if available
  • - Service book if available
  • - 1 Payslip (latest)
  • - 1 Month’s Bank statement

Gauteng Clients Only