We-Pawn-Cars Frequently Asked Questions


1) What does pawning my car entail?
By pawning your vehicle through Car-Finance and Acceptable Auto, you’re placing up your vehicle as collateral to obtain a secure finance loan. This is done in place of qualifying for a loan the traditional way, through a credit check. If you have bad credit, this route can give you access to the cash you need. You can keep driving your car as you’ve always done, as long as you honour your repayment agreement.

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2) Is pawning my vehicle this way legal?
Pawning your vehicle for a loan with us is a completely legal and transparent service. This service is aligned with the National Credit Act (NCA) and is registered with the SA Police Department.

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3) Do I still have access to my pawned vehicle?
A big advantage of this kind of loan is that you can carry on driving your car without disruption. Your pawned vehicle will remain in your possession, and the only way you risk losing it is if you default on the loan agreement we have in place.

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4) Does my pawned vehicle remain in my name?
Once you pawn your vehicle and obtain a cash loan against it, your car stays in your name. Car-Finance and Acceptable Auto become the temporary registered title owners. This changes back to your name after your loan is paid back in full.

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5) Will my pawned vehicle loan application include a credit check?
No - A loan of this kind will not require you to undergo any credit checks.

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6) What do I need to qualify for a loan by pawning my vehicle?
You will need to reside in Gauteng and own the vehicle that you intend on pawning, with car ownership papers (PC1) to prove it. The vehicle needs to be fully paid off and registered in your name, both in ownership and in title. We also require applicants to present a valid driver’s license and ID, as well as proof of address, an up-to-date bank statement, and your most recent payslip.

7) What is included when I pawn my vehicle for a loan?
After the approval process is completed successfully, your loan is transferred into your account, typically within 24 hours. Our team will handle all the admin from there, registering the vehicle in our name and also fitting a tracking device that remains until the loan repayment period ends.

8) What happens once the loan taken against my pawned vehicle is paid off?
After the loan is repaid to us in full according to our contract with you, our business comes to an end. The tracker that we installed at the start is removed, and your vehicle is transferred back to your name. Your car’s spare keys are also returned to you if we were given them.