Rent-to-Own What is the application criteria to rent to own a car?


When applying for your rent to own car, the online process requires you to provide us with a copy of your ID/drivers licence, proof of Income, 3 months certified bank statements and an up-to-date proof of address. Should you be married, we will then require this for both you and your partner. You will also need to fill out and submit our free online application form, which outlines information on your finances, such as your current obligations, income and expenses. We will require you to make an upfront payment of R3 500, which we call a “finder’s fee” that covers admin and registration.

The rent to own process offers South African drivers the opportunity to work towards vehicle ownership and the independence that comes along with it, even if they don’t qualify for a traditional car loan. The qualifying factors are suited to individuals who may not have a credit history that will get them approved for a large loan. Standard vehicle financing is much more complex, in that you as the consumer will be tied to a repayment agreement that is not flexible – if you cannot afford to keep up with this, you could find yourself in serious trouble, where you might end up losing your car while also being blacklisted. With renting to own deals, it is most important that we can establish your affordability and ensure that you’ll be able to manage the financial commitment involved in entering the rent-to-own a vehicle agreement.

A question that our team is often asked is whether blacklisted individuals, or those with tainted credit scores, can rent to own a vehicle, and the answer to this is yes. Unlike traditional vehicle financing, we will not conduct credit checks and consider your financial history, so it does not matter if you are blacklisted. This gives you the chance to rent to own a car, even if your credit score hinders other steps you’ll take in life. The agreement between yourself and our Car Finance team is fairly simple – in it, you acknowledge that you are responsible for a set monthly instalment, and are made aware of the implications should you not be able to honour the repayment plan we’ve agreed to with you. The application criteria to rent to own a car is also simple, while our website’s FAQ section can address any concerns and questions you might have.

Make sure that you can afford the vehicle you are financing, and budget so that you don’t miss payments and can eventually take ownership completely. Our Car Finance selection of rent to own vehicles range in cost, and cater to the diverse needs of modern drivers, from larger family vehicles to smaller cars, and everything in-between. Get in touch with us today to begin the process of renting to own your very own vehicle, without complication and stress.