We-Pawn-Cars Will my pawned vehicle loan application include a credit check?


Unlike traditional loans, your credit score doesn’t matter when applying for a loan against your vehicle. The exchange for the creditworthiness check is that your car serves as collateral against loan defaults, which motivates you to maintain payments. We’re in the business of helping consumers with less-than-perfect credit to get a loan when they need one.

If you own a vehicle and need a loan, let We Pawn Cars help you! Most of us are feeling the strain of financial difficulties, with living expenses at an all-time high. It is becoming increasingly hard to get through the month, let alone to save money for a rainy day. The option to pawn your car and keep driving it can be incredibly useful, especially if you can’t get approved for a typical bank loan due to credit limitations.

Why we skip the Credit Check

If you’re familiar with the traditional loan application process, you’ll know that credit checks are a part of the deal. A good credit score helps creditors feel safe and secure in providing you with a loan, based on your creditworthiness and past behaviours. At We Pawn Cars, the goal is to extend loan opportunities to those who cannot otherwise get a loan.

A credit check is not necessary to obtain a secured loan, and this includes a loan against your car. Because you have an asset (in this case your vehicle) tied to this loan, you compensate for the lack of creditworthiness. The car you pawn remains yours to drive as you’ve always done before, and the only risk arises if you don’t maintain your repayments. We do require individuals to own their car and that it be fully paid before we can commence.

Knowing the risks involved, if you feel confident that you can afford a loan with us, we’re here to help you! This loan service is completely legal, and approved by SAPS and the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Our lenders are also NCR registered. Please note, however, that we can only assist Gauteng residents. Enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted car driving and no changes to your daily life, while still acquiring a loan when you need one.

Apply for a Loan Against Your Vehicle Now!

Keeping with the loan standards outlined in the National Credit Act (NCA), we provide loans you can trust. You can apply for our pawn car offer easily online, to begin the process. Let We Pawn Cars get you the financial assistance you need, without delay and stress.